How to Make Emergency Survival Bug out Bag kit

Best emergency survival supplies

Emergencies like hurricane, fire disaster and other forms of disasters can happen at any time. When that becomes the case, you need to plan for your survival. The disaster can take you outside your home because it will no longer be conducive. In this kind of situation, you require an emergency survival kit. The kit should contain everything you want pending the time you find your way back to your home.

As the name suggests the bug out bags are supposed to be for short-term survival only. It can contain items that can last for seventy-two hours. The bag is supposed to contain every basic item you need for your survival outside your home. If you do not know how to make one, here are some steps to take to prepare the emergency kit.

Survival gear list

First, you have to make out a list of what you need throughout the days you will stay outside your home. When you have the bag, the following items should be in that bag and they are as follows:
Food that can last for three days as well as water
First aid kit
Radio and batteries
Sturdy shoes
Plastic bags as well as tarps
Folding knife
Fixed blade
Medications that can last for three days
Phones as well as emergency numbers
Children needs
Pet bag if you have a pet
Thermal blankets

If you are moving with your family ensure that every item needed by every member of the family is in that bag.

You can get the bag at the market and there are different sizes and brands. Choose the ones you can afford.

How to make the emergency bug out bag

First step: select the best backpack

The first thing to consider is the type of bag you can use and you have to shop for one. There are many places that you can get such a bag and the cost varies. You can consider your pocket and choose the brand you can easily afford.

Think of items you will move and get a bag that accommodates all the items. In addition, you need to read the reviews to discover the best of such bags on the market. Get as much information as you like to make the correct choice.

Second step: choose a good knife

You require a knife and you have to choose the best. Just like the bag, you must read reviews to discover the best knife to use for emergencies. The knife has to be versatile because you could use it for different purposes. The knife should be strong and durable. You need it most of the time; do not choose one that can disappoint you when you need it. There are different kinds of knives including multi-tools as well as folding knives.

Step three: shelter

Shelter is very important because you need to cover yourself from the vagaries of weather. You have to consider different shelter items and go for those you can afford. Some of the shelter items to consider include tent, hammock, sleeping bags, and so on. Get a good shelter that can protect you from harmful elements of nature.

Step four: water storage as well as filtration system

Water is very important and you have to look for healthy drinking water. When you get the water, you must think about how to store the water. Furthermore, look for a good filtration system. You must filter the water to ensure that they are safe for drinking. Look for water containers and good filtration system.
Step five: fire

You need fire and you must figure out the best ways to create fire. You must be warm both in the day and in the night. You must cook food and you require fire to cook food. Because of that, you must ensure you come along with matches, lighters, Ferro rods and so on. These can provide you with fire when you need one.

Step six: first aid

You require first aid box and this should contain important medication. If you wound yourself in the desert or the place you are taking refuge, you need an emergency treatment. Get a first aid treatment box that contains everything, it will be good for you.

Step seven: tools

Try to put some tools especially those you will need for the days you will be out of your home. Some of the tools to get include the following:
Folding saw
Mess kit

These are useful and you need them to solve some problems while out of your home.

Step eight: plastic bags

Furthermore, you must look for plastic bags. These bags will be used as they can solve basic problems. Some of the bags you require include the following:
Trash bag
Small bags

Step nine: Cordage or rope

You can take cordage or rope along with you, especially those that are necessary for your survival. Ropes you require include the following:
Paracord Other kinds of ropes and so on

Step ten: food and other important stuffs

You require food. Without food, you cannot survive. Apart from food, you require some random stuff. Come along with varieties of food and they should be such that you can prepare easily.

Some important personal stuff will be necessary for the emergency. Some of the personal stuff you require are:
Sharpening stone
A file
Hand warmers
A compass
Mosquito net
Space blanket
Toilet paper and so on
In addition to these, you require paper, pencil and pen as well as the area map to guide you.